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Reliable Veterinary Services in Powell, TN 

Are you concerned about the health or behavior of your pet? Clinton Highway Veterinary Hospital in Powell, TN, is here to keep your pets healthy and happy. We have an experienced doctor of veterinary medicine on staff, so you know that your pets are getting the quality treatment that they need.

Quality Pet Care

With the full slate of veterinary services offered by our seasoned staff, your pets are in safe hands with our cozy clinic. Satisfied customers commend our fast and reliable diagnoses, treatments, and personalized pet care. Our knowledgeable and informative veterinarian will keep you updated on your pet and be there to address any concerns you may have. We understand that your pets are family and we will treat them like our family too. 

Keeping Your Pets Healthy

At Clinton Highway Veterinary Hospital, we sell top-of-the-line pet food brands in-house and, if you’re a first-time pet owner, our veterinarian is always there to recommend any brands that will fit the needs of your pet. 

Other services we offer:

  • Drop off available.
  • Therapy Laser
  • Microchip Identification

Bring Your Pet in Today 

If your pet’s behavior is unusual, don’t stew on feelings of uneasiness! Schedule an appointment with us at Clinton Highway Veterinary Hospital. Healthy animals are happy animals and we understand the stress of dealing with the unknown. Our experienced veterinarian will be able to diagnose your pets and find solutions to help you understand the care that your pet needs. 

Puppy and Kitten Wellness Programs

Comprehensive Exams and Annual Checkups


Declawing & Tissue Removal

Teeth Cleanings and Treatment

Pet Diagnosis

medicine dog

Talk to Our Veterinarian in Powell, TN

If your pet is in need of assistance, contact us at  (865)938-3313  to schedule an appointment or ask about walk-in availabilities. At Clinton Highway Veterinary Hospital, keeping your pet healthy is our only priority.

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